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This blog will be all about the different parts to skiing, the equipment, different mountains on the East coast as well as in Canada, and will capture some of my different ski adventures.

Skiing used to be very different back in the 1900’s. An alpine unit of the French Army undertook the first production of a Telemark-style ski in France. Skiing had been around longer than this, however it was mostly used for pulling sleds.

Right before the French, the Norwegians built their version of the Telemark ski around 1840. Then began to create a better version of this ski. Below shows a man showcasing Telemark skis.

Season Debut Telemark Ski Patrol | Absolute Telemark
Telemark skis for those who don’t know are used differently than skis today are used. They require the liftin of the heel on each ski in order to turn.

Today there are many kinds of different skis:

  • There are snowblades or ‘short skis’ which are very small skis and change the way a person skis.
Snow Blades 2 Strap Std Snowboard Bindings Phenom Black Org 75 With Risers  - Curtis Sport Connection
  • The next well known pair are racing skis which are created to be long and thin. These skis are built mainly for speed in mind, the skis are very flexible and allow for quick precise turns.
Alpine Race Skis – Race Place
  • Freestyle skis are built for using the park and doing jumps and hitting the half pipe they are also known as park skis. They come in twin tips which is two rounded lifted edges on each end of the ski.
Bash 86 | Freestyle | Skis | Products | Völkl
  • There are many more types of skis but those are the main ones that are used.

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