QCQ 5- Making New Media Make Sense

QCQ for Baym Making New Media Makes Sense

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

“On a societal level, anonymity opens the possibility of liberation from the divisions that come about from seeing one another’s race, age, gender, disabilities, and so on.”

Comment (250-500 words)

I like this quote as it tells how people can’t discriminate against cultural appropriations of another person if everything is being done anonymously. The sentence after this gives an example of how an interacial relationship was formed via telegraph and both people had no idea of the other person’s race. On the internet, people are judged more on character and the way they act online. This quote is just one example of a common recurring theme in new media and social life. I resonate with this quote because I enjoy not knowing what a person looks like in real life but I can tell the kind of person they are based on tweets, posts and other comments in the newer age of technology. 


Is it still difficult for people to talk to someone in real life without classifying them by their looks?