Learning Outcome 4

In my early efforts at peer review, I was unable to make the most helpful comments and was unable to help my peers very much. I was not good at explaining what part of the sentence I did not understand, like or believe was incorrect grammar. I did not do a very good job at using the local and global revisions given. I would make my own comments off to the side and not identify what kind of revision it was. On the next peer review I was able to better help my peers to understand what I thought was wrong and they were able to better use my comments to make a stronger paper. After writing my own papers I was able to make comments about things I did that would work better in my peer’s paper and was able to use better information when I understood what they were writing about. My comments became stronger as my own writing improved. I noticed that as I got to my final paper I was able to make comments on others papers that would reflect the level of work I was producing. I was able to write a very good final essay and edit my peers’ essays much better by giving them strong comments about the topic as well as finding grammatical and spelling errors. I could spot a sentence in their paper as well as mine that had the L for incorrect sentence structure and fix my paper as well as help them fix theirs.