QCQ 9 Blackfishing

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“While the culturally appropriative aspects of blackfishing are evident in each model’s Instagram posts, the resultant discourse normalizes the neoliberal logics underlying influencing as an individualized and hypercompetitive enterprise.”(5)

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I was confused by a lot of this article because I had never heard the term blackfishing once in my life. I have been on instagram for a long time and still I had never heard of it. Is this term blackfishing only applying to models that are females? From what I understand from the quote above, every model based on these four uses blackfishing in their posts. Because all of these models do it they make it seem ok for everyone else to make themselves seem a different race or skin color. This article was very hard for me to read and understand because I still don’t understand the whole basis for blackfishing in general. 


Does blackfishing include when models tan themselves?