Blog Post 7

In this blog post I want to talk about my much awaited trip to Mont Tremblant in Canada.

My journey started on Friday right before Spring break where I left UNE at 2 pm on a 7-9 hour solo drive. I was hoping it would only take the minimal 7 hours but I hit traffic in Montreal. Crossing the border was very easy as I showed my passport and proof of having covid within the last 180 days. When I finally reached the house we were staying in I quickly took in all of my stuff and looked out the giant glass door windows at the beautiful town.

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The house we stayed in was ski in and out. At 7 am I was dressed and ready to ski with my new skis talked about in previous blog posts. I got to the first lift and it was crowded with people speaking French which was very unfamiliar to me. When I finally got to the top it was freezing cold, I was not used to that kind of weather but nonetheless it was breathtaking the view I got.

I did a few runs early that morning with my girlfriend and her parents and later met up with her brother to hit the park (terrain park where people do jumps and cool stuff). For lunch we went to the lodge at the top of the mountain and I had to get some of the Canadian poutine. Although it was mountain food it was still amazing. After completely tiring myself out skiing, we skied straight back into the house and fell asleep.

The next morning we took a bit of a later start and after the first day being all powder and ungroomed trails we took to the glades. The glades are areas where there are a lot of trees and rocks but snow has fallen between them making them easy to ski through. We also were able to hit some of the groomed trails which was very nice and much easier on my legs. After the day was over we headed back in to start packing up for the drive home.

The experience and the views were absolutely breathtaking and I was able to do some of the best skiing in my life. I decided on Monday to go to Brenton Woods as it is free for me to ski there and it was so much easier than skiing in Canada. The air was warmer and the trails were less steep and so much easier to ski.

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