Blog Post 5

I was finally able to have the opportunity to go skiing this past weekend at Brenton Woods Ski Resort. I acquired my new Armada skis and drove 3.5 hours in a snowstorm in order to make it to the mountain on Friday.

The first thing I did was hit the slopes.

I went skiing with my girlfriend, her family, and her family friends.

Above is my girlfriend Mikalah (left), her mother (middle), her brother, Nate (right)


I arrived at the mountain late and the snow was still coming down, but it was beautiful. It was cold but because I had the proper gear I was warm and was able to enjoy it.

In this I was able to catch a video of Nate hitting a few of the jumps in the park. I was able to do much better on my new skis because they fit my height.


Saturday morning was filled with groomed trails and powdery skiing. I was able to get to the mountain at 8 am and hit the slopes very early. The trails were very smooth, the glades were open and we had a great time.

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