QCQ 2 10 Tips on Writing in the Living Web


“If you don’t really care, don’t write. If you are a student and

everybody is talking about exams and papers and you simply don’t

care, let it be.”


This quotation resonated with me because I had been trying to think of what to write about for my blog. I have mulled over idea after idea for something that would actually interest me. I started thinking about writing about traditional sports and it hit me, I didn’t care to do the research for it as well as I didn’t enjoy watching sports as much as I liked to play them. Finally it hit me, I realized that my passion may be a sport and one that I can do at least for this winter. I have planned a trip to Canada to go skiing and I can write about that because I am able to put my passion into it. I have found passion in my writing in an English class which surprised me because I have never been a writer. I thought I would just be doing the work just to pass my class until we were able to write fictional stories completely made up by us with one prompt. We were able to take the story wherever we wanted to go with it and I was able to write pages about this. There is always something that a person is passionate enough about to go and write about it to share their experience. For the second part of the quote, I went through high school with friends always comparing grades and papers and exam scores, but I never really cared for it. I would just sit through the conversation and either feel bad about myself or not care and just be there to get through it. I had never thought about leaving the conversation.


Is there any specific time that you have felt motivation to write, what was this motivation?