Blog Post 4

I finally have the opportunity to take time out of my busy college life to go skiing. I will be going to ski Saturday at Brenton Woods, one of my favorite places to ski. I purchased myself a season pass for this winter and have already been able to ski there around six times. In this post I want to give an update on the conditions for my skiing and my next post will be about my adventures skiing this weekend.

I will be skiing on my new skis. I had been using a pair of skis that I received two years ago as a gift called Elans.

I have just purchased my new skis called Armadas that have been used for one ski season.

Friday there is expected to be snow starting at 5 am and totaling to be about 6in of snow on the ground. This will make for great skiing weather for Saturday.

Below I have linked the information to this weather update for the incoming snow on the East Coast.

Below is also a link to the mountains website.

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