Learning Outcome 3

From Bad Feminist

My Daughter Passes for White

Raising a Black Boy in America

In the first annotation from Bad Feminist I question a lot of what the writer has to say. I ask questions throughout the long article as well as challenge some of their opinions. I don’t understand one of the sentences about how the author says feminists see different issues for women of color and I disagreed. I can see how some issues may be different but they still struggle with the same problems normal females do. In the second annotation I annotated My daughter passes for white and I constantly challenged this author because of her views on having a white daughter. I understand that she wants to fit in and doesn’t feel comfortable being called her own daughter’s nanny, however she needs to love her child instead of treating her like she is different. She will not go through the same struggles as the author, however she will need her mother to help guide her without bias against her. My third annotation was on raising a black boy in America, which I had a very hard time relating to as I am a white male. I could feel sympathy towards the author and his son and relate to the issues with not being a good enough father, however I could not find many points to relate to about being a person of color. I struggle with reading in general and it takes me a lot longer because of one of my learning disabilities. I feel that having to write what I think as I go takes me more time and that I lose my place more often. I typically create annotations that are questions or challenges. I frequently challenge what others are saying in their article and compare it to my own judgement. The questions I usually ask are based around whether or not I challenge this or understand the statement and need more information to create an opinion on the line. I want to start using R drawing relationships more often in my reading because I think it will help me to connect more with the reading if I can discern information from the article and relate it to my life. I often am able to use my blog posts as a starter for my papers. I look back on what I have written so I can get an idea of what sources I want to put in my paper as well as what I want to write about. I find myself drawing relations to the text a lot more after doing the blog posts however I still struggle with annotations. With my slower reading I try to focus on remembering and understanding what I read so when I need to write I can easily find my place in an article without the use of annotations. I think they did manage to help a little in writing the blog posts in the case I did not remember completely what I had read. Overall I have improved at annotating texts but this still needs a lot of work.