QCQ 1- Johnson/CLA

QCQ for DS106  Social Stories: Digital Storytelling and Social Media

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

“Outside of hashtags, in order to engage deeply with the content of a social media account, users must follow it; and most stories will become buried beneath new updates, posts, and news items within 10-14 days. Another common concern, particularly poignant when discussing issues related to marginalized groups, is the growing levels of surveillance.”(Page 7 Paragraph 1)

Comment (250-500 words)

Social media has always been something I am wary of. I do not post myself online or share much information regarding my life. This quote expresses a few of the concerns that I have about social media, the posts get lost and covered by more posts, there are celebrities with millions of posts on their account but people may only know what they posted last. These posts aren’t in a person’s memory for more than a few hours and are quickly forgotten about. I have never understood the use of social media for posting personal information, only for news and to rally people together. When posting personal information on the internet and social media specifically you are giving up your privacy as well as your security to these apps such as facebook and twitter. I believe that social media as a concept is great for news outlets and as a way to convey information world wide, but the constant misuse of it along with giving up privacy makes me very uncomfortable. What makes people so addicted to an app like instagram where people post pictures of themselves revealing where they are, what they are up to and other such personal information. Your shield of privacy disappears by doing this, however people may not remember. Anything you post on social media never truly goes away, even if you delete it. This is why to me it’s terrifying to think that if I post on social media, I have no idea who will look at my post and what they may do with this information. 


What is so fascinating about social media that catches the attention of teenagers?

I understand using it for news and to promote things like Black Lives Matter, but what other purpose does it really serve.