Blog Post 6

For this post I am going to be writing a little about my upcoming trip to Canada and skiing Mount Tremblant.


I am traveling alone on a 7 hour car ride this Friday to reach where we are staying. It will take me 4 hours to reach the border and get through border patrol and then another 3 hours until I get to where we are staying.

We are staying in a house on the mountain that we can ski in and out of.

This is the front of the house we plan on staying in for our short time in Canada. I have bought two ski tickets, one for Saturday and one for Sunday and will do another post with pictures from Canada. Below I have linked the house we are staying in.

Overview of Mont Tremblant, Quebec's Biggest Ski Hill
The mountain is the biggest ski hill in Canada.

While I am there we are supposed to be getting more snow and powder to ski on this weekend.

The temperatures are usually in the freezing which means I will have to bundle up.

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